Agtron Analyzers Solutions

Agtron analyzers provide solutions in a variety of applications and industries. Agtron instruments are used for a large variety of product testing, the products listed below are only a small sample of the capabilities of this instrumentation.



Product Suggestions

 E20-CP II &  M-Basic II


Coffee, cocao, tea

 E30-TP II


Tomato maturity grading

 E30-FP II


French fried potatoes / some baked goods

 S-SERIES II (small area viewer)


Small particulates / color homogeneous products i.e. powders, liquids, sugars, pastes, butters, sauces, grains, flour, spices, etc.

 M-SERIES II (large area viewer)


Medium to large particulates / non-color or color homogeneous i.e. potato chips, nuts, tortilla chips, retzels, nuts, cereals, rice, flakes, peanut butter, extruded snacks, meats, crackers, cookies, bakery goods, canned fruits and vegetables, etc.